Here is where you can read about what actual customers have to say about their experience with Caricature Shop. If you would like to add your comments please complete the brief survey found here. My thanks to each and every one of you for your support and patronage. It's truly appreciated.


"Very friendly during phone calls when I called. Quick to return any emails/questions I had along the way, professional! Awesome art work and fast getting proofs to me as the project came along for my suggestions or approval! So easy to get the best birthday gift ever!"

-Season Kendall Florence, Kentucky (30th Birthday Gift)

"Rob created a caricture for me off of a wedding day photo. I simply let him know that I wanted the picture turned into a forrest scene. With that, Rob was able to finish the drawing, complete with forrest animals, a creek, and even a quote from a poem. It is amazing to see this idea realized! A unique anniversary gift that we will always cherish."

-Rich Minor Franklin, Ohio (Wedding Couple)

"I have lost count of the caricatures I have ordered from Caricature Shop! They are always outstanding. I have many family caricatures displayed on the entry wall of my home. I have ordered for both business and for family. I cannot think of a more perfect and personal gift to give to a family member or friend. Rob Maystead is exceptional in his talent and professionalism!"

-Patty Walter Fairbanks, Alaska (Brother)

"My experience was excellent. I thouroughly enjoyed working with Rob and Denise."

-Rob Dowler Frankfort, Kentucky (Presentation Illustrations)

"My daughter, the bride, suggested caricatures as the wedding favors for the guests. It was a big hit. The guests were lining up all night long. I only wish the caricatures had the names of Danie and Ed and the wedding date written on them. Everyone loved the originality and the experience of the event. No one was offended, all were pleased and I would do this again for any fun celebration. Rob was professional and provided much entertainment to our guests."

-Kathy Newcomb Lexington, Kentucky (Wedding Reception)

"We had an excellent experience with the Caricature Shop! Communication was great -- we had no problems contacting the Shop and setting up a date and time for our event. On the day of the event, Rob Maystead was punctual and professional (and a lot of fun!). Our patrons really seemed to enjoy themselves and had a lot of fun getting their pictures drawn and watching Rob work."

-Stacy St. John Frankfort, Kentucky (Library Patron Sketches)

"Very convenient and easy to work with. I never had to drive anywhere or schedule any meetings, it was all done via email. Fantastic job and I would highly recommend."

-Haley Pereira Lexington, Kentucky (Retiree Caricature)

Everything was great. Easily communicated through email and made any adjustment to the picture that I asked! Thanks for such a great experience."

-Haleigh Kerns Lexington, Kentucky (UK Swim Coaches)

"We were in a time-crunch to get 2 caricatures drawn for a retirement party. I contacted the Caricature Shop on a Thursday, needed the drawings finished by the following Wednesday. What was great about the Caricature Shop is that they were very easy to work with, friendly, and prompt on their responses to our needs. This was especially reassuring since we had never worked with them before, and had no idea what to expect because I just found them by searching the web! The retirement party that we were hosting ended up getting cancelled due to an ice/snow storm and rescheduled for the following week. During that time, we had another retiree pop up and added them to the party list. So that meant another caricature drawing, once again we needed it in a rush and we got the drawing no problem. All of this was done through email and phone calls. They did an awesome job by us just telling them what we had invisioned for the drawings and emailing them pictures of the people that were being drawn."

-Stacey Tackett Lexington, Kentucky (Retiree Caricatures)

"Service could not have been better! I am very pleased. It was fast, easy and the results were great."

-Connie Elswick Paris, Kentucky (Retiree Caricatures)

"When I e-mailed Rob that I needed the finished proof ahead of time he took to the task and finished it on time. It was a unique Xmas gift designed for my daughter and her family to remember a fun-filled family fishing day. Plus the gift was personal, not coming from a foreign country, designed with a lot of thought and Rob's remarkable skill at depicting each of the family's personalities through his artwork with only snap-shots to go by plus his added little extras. Awesome job, Rob!!"

-Linda Maystead Sturgis, Michigan (Daughter's Family)

"Rob was great to work with. I appreciated his quick response to my initial e-mail. I heard back from a number of artists pretty quickly, but if he had waited 3 or 4 days I would have figured he was too busy or wasn't interested and gone with someone else - and probably wouldn't be as happy as I am right now! Rob has a great website with tons of examples - I knew his type of service was what I was looking for. I was concerned about the price, but after receiving a few quotes, Rob's was the lowest. I was very surprised because his examples looked so good - I figured the price would be high. I knew I would be happy with the final product - I'd seen his online portfolio - but when I got the first color draft I was ecstatic - and the final draft blew me away. My fiance is jealous of the cool and unique gift I'll be giving my groomsmen. I hope the bridesmaids enjoy their ear rings! :)"

-Cameron Bowman Cincinnati, Ohio (Wedding Party)

"Finding a caricaturist online wasn't easy.....many European artists popped up on the search. I was lucky to find you guys!! Rob went above and beyond to meet my needs. I'm very lucky to have found someone as customer-service oriented as Rob....I expressed my appreciation to him quite frequently.....in between emails asking to change features on the images. ;) Great job with communication!!! I could not have asked for anything more."

-Megan Crawford Atlanta, Georgia (Wedding Party)

"The Caricature Shop was one of the very first bookings we made for our wedding reception. We both knew we wanted something different and I (Sarah) happen to be a very big fan of caricatures. The work Mr. Maystead provided was outstanding and we couldn't be happier with the results. It was so much fun and the guests loved it!! Thank you so much. It was perfect. :)"

-Anthony & Sarah Perry Berea, Kentucky (Wedding Reception)

"We have used the Caricatue Shop six times over the last two years. The service and caricatures have always been outstanding. You were always able to capture the individual's character and the theme we desired for each caricature you delivered."

-Warren Bernard Howell, New Jersey (Gift)

"It was a good experience. I sent pictures (2) via e-mail, they sent back sketch to look at. I requested a few minor changes, they made them, and we picked it up in about 6-7 weeks."

-Sue Schueler Lexington, Kentucky (Brother-in-law)

"I was surfing the net for funny frog pics and your link came up on a site Iwas in for more funny pics as a suggested site to visit. and then my eyes lit up like the size of watermelons lol! Needless to say I should have thought to have typed "caricature" to start with. It (the experience) was totally incredible. my thought as to what I had in my head were duplicated by my descriptions as to what I wanted. I am way more than satisfied. to say 100% would be an understatement by a long shot. I plan on having more projects done in the future. my friends and family , and strangers even who have seen the work are impressed every bit as much as I am. Honestly, my interaction was so professional and prompt, I don't think I could possibly think of any room for improvement. I would recommend anyone and everyone to you. Best of luck to your business and family. I look forward to working on further projects with you in the future!!"

-Michael Lawson Harrodsburg, Kentucky (Frog illustrations)

"You have put a smile on my face with each caricature simply because you manage to capture every facial feature and are able to bring out the personality of each individual (which is difficult when working only with a photo). Although your drawing is cartoon style, you still manage to make your drawings look real...in which I love your realistic technique. Also, I would like to mention that your communication is awesome (yourself located in the USA and myself in Canada). You are great with suggestions, quick with your output, but most important you are amazing at taking criticism.
On behalf of my bridal party
..thank you for your patience and all your hard work.Your talent is a gift. It is appreciated that you take pride in your work...you take great attention to detail which is why you deliver incredible quality. Thank you for sharing your talent with me."

-Carla Manzella Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada (19 member bridal party)

"Not sure if its fairly priced because I don't know what others charge...because of the pounds/dollars exchange rate. Well, Rob definitely needs some talent. He can't draw at all. :) no, no recommendations. I love it!"

-Elizabeth Halford Hampshire, England (Father's Day Trio)

"I needed a head shot of the new President of our association. Caricature Shop was quick to respond, and my final drawing arrived promptly. Thanks!"

-Valerie Krause Coloma, MI (Head of Boss)

"Rob was wonderful to work with, I was under very strict time restraints and he very gracefully worked within those time restrains. He supplied proofs and listened to my comments. I will definitely be working with Rob Maystead at Caricature Shop again in the future. Caricature Shop is very easy to work with. Provide them with high quality photos and get high quality results. His turn around time is wonderful and his art is incredible. "

-Diane Tyer Richmond, KY (Two retiring college professors)

"Rob assisted me with our group project in a very timely manner. He portraited pure professionalism, and was very understanding and caring. He took pride in his work and his final caricature was outstanding. Everyone in our group loved his work. I would recommend his work to everyone I meet. Thank you for taking the time to care."

-Jenny Bastin Campbellsburg, KY (Cheerleader coach gift)

"Thank you for being so kind to everyone and your services/skills are priceless. You brought smiles to many. Thanks again, and hopefully this will not be our last meeting."

-Lisa Pittman Louisville, KY (Family Reunion)

"Rob was very accessible via email and extremely accomodating to all of our needs/requests. I couldn't be happier with process and the finished product. If I ever need these types of services in the future I'll be sure to use the Caricature Shop."

-David Morris Lexington, KY (T-shirt design for memorial volleyball tournament)

"It was excellent!!!! Rob made my ideas come to LIFE, it was exactly what I had in mind and more! He was so patient and cooperative in working with myself and my printer, on my project! It was just so crazy how Rob made tham look just like them!!! "

-Carla Rosales Wichita, KS (T-shirt design featuring grandparents)

"Timely response to inquiry, timely drafts, timely completion. Everything went like clockwork."

-George King Dallas, GA (Georgia Bulldog Tailgate Illustration)

"Rob was incredible! His artwork, his patience and his personality are truely un-matched and he really does not charge enough for his services."

-Matthew Workman Fairfax, VA (Wedding Save the Date Card)

"The product exceeded our expectations and this was the second time you had done so. Keep up the good work."

-Noel Lyn-Kew Ft. Monmouth, NJ (Gift)

"This is a fun, yet efficient way of presenting ourselves in a unified way to our clients, as we don't have to send everybody to the same photographer to take a picture when we hire new people. Also, not having to go anywhere is good in itself. You doing this over the net saves us time."

-Syver Anmarkrud Snaroya, Norway (Corporate website)

"Great job......Better than I expected....TRIPLE A +++++"

-Robert Gulley Kutztown, PA (Anniversary Gift)

"We were absolutely thrilled with our services that we received from Rob & the Caricature Shop. Not only did Rob did an awesome job on the caricature, he also custom made & printed our Holiday cards. We are completely satisfied with our service.
We were asked to rate our interaction with Caricature Shop on a scale from 1-5.....5 being Excellent.....my husband & I decided we needed to add a number 6....meaning ABOVE & BEYOND EXCELLENT!!!!!!!"

-Terra Nord Chandler, IN (Holiday cards)

"Caricature Shop was very quick to respond to any & all of my emails and they were very helpful with any of my questions. They were very cooperative and used the ideas I asked for & didn't try to do their own thing. Keep up the good work!"

-Megan Phelix Massena, NY (gift)

"Rob's work is excellent and he was always professional and responsive. He worked wonders with the photos and suggestions we made..."

-Sheree Drake Louisville, KY (gift)

"Happy w/ end product. Very happy w/ responsiveness to my preliminary questions, and all subsequent e-mails."

-Larry Gaffaney New York, NY (gift)

"Fast, reliable, helpful, a perfect example of how internet-based service can work well."

-Peter De Neef Japan (T-shirt design)

"I really can't think of a way you can improve the service. The responses were timely and the turn-time was very quick. The quality of the work is first-rate. You made it fun to watch the process and fondly remember the event."

-Chris Haight Tehachapi, CA (Gift)

"Thank you again for joining us that day! Seems like it was the best Sunday in October for weather. At our wrap up meeting for Canine Olympics everyone was very enthusiastic about your work. On the question of describing the interaction with Caricature Shop the answers were "great" and a "10"! We really appreciate your time. We were very happy with your work and the response from the crowd who kept you busy. They seemed to like the idea of having caricatures done."

-Susan Adams, Woodford Humane Society Versailles, KY (Event)

"Rob did a fantastic job on the drawing and I greatly appreciated the fast turn around time. I highly recommend the caricature shop to anyone looking for a caricature. I am thinking about using them again to create my Christmas Cards."

-Stacy Cavin Chicago, IL (T-shirt design)

"The Caricature Shop's appearance at our company picnic was the highlight of our event. Everyone, young and old, enjoyed having their portrait done. Although the weather was not the best, you were extremely professional and courteous about staying till the end through the rain and wind. Having you at our annual event was definitely one of our best decisions. Thanks again."

-Daryl Reno, Landmark Sprinkler Inc., Lexington, KY (Company Picnic)

"It was a very easy process. Everything was done through email. I emailed the images and the artwork was emailed for approval at various stages. Response to questions was very prompt."

-Kathryn Wise, Landmark Sprinkler Inc., Lexington, KY (Gift)

"Great working with Rob. We loved our picture and so did all our friends."

- Amy Baggette Frankfort, KY (Gift)

"Thanks Rob! (The caricature) was awesome and done in time. Thanks!"

- Beth Halford Winter Garden, FL (Gift)

"WE are very happy with the Group caricature provided. It was very well received and was fitting for the recepient."

- Warren Bernard Howell, NJ (Gift)

"Rob was very helpful in helping me create an image exactly how I had imagined it. He was gracious and helpful in getting me the picture digitally as well as in hardcopy. "

- Leanna Lilly Lexington, KY (Gift)

"I couldn't have asked for better service! The caricature was a perfect present for my husband. The customer service that I received from Rob was excellent. I purchase a lot of things off of the internet, and I felt that this was the first time that someone actually listened to what I wanted and was great to deal with. Needless to say my husband LOVED the caricature. He brought it to work the next day to show it off to his co-workers. I would DEFINITELY recommend Rob to anyone and everyone!!! Thanks!"

- Mary Beth Greene Sayreville, NJ (Gift)

"I think your work is marvelous! The experience during these days is the same as that of working with a very considerate friend, who takes care of every detail and yet has no complains at all. Thank you for spending such a wonderful time with me, Rob."

- Yao-Hsuan Atlanta, GA (Gift)

"Excellent job on short notice. I had a group picture done for a graduation ceremony and it was the highlight of the evening. You were friendly and professional. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thanks so much!"

- David Hudson Lexington, KY (Gift)

"Rob was great! The art work is above par! He did a superior job executing my wishes, getting a feel for the person he was drawing & made appropriate changes. Love it!"

- Jean Douglass Dallas, TX (Gift)

"Thank you so much! My mom loved it!"

- Beth Halford Winter Garden, FL (Gift)

"I have been totally satisfied with the entire process of ordering a custom caricature from caricatureshop.com. I searched several websites looking for something unique for my son's high school graduation party caricatureshop.com was perfect and stands alone compared to other caricature artists that I found. I would and have highly recommended caricatureshop.com as the perfect place to purchase that professional unique caricature portrait. Thank you for making Kacy's graduation a unique and special event!"

- Tammy D Huffman Paris, TX (Gift)

"I really liked the individual attention I received and the ability to see the drawing throughout the process."

- Erin Farrington Louisville, KY (Gift)

"IT WAS GREAT! This gift caricature was a fairly complex job- a caricature for a family of five, 'historic' in nature - about 35 years ago, using a variety of photos for guidance and dealing with three (3) "project reviewers" in different states by email. All questions answered from the start. We were encouraged to give input throughout the process. All drafts were given to us for review. Our comments and corrections were quickly added to the new drafts. End product was PERFECT! :)"

- Andrea Schoninger Lexington, KY (Gift)

"Requested a picture for Christmas. Have it in my hand now (11/29). Very good service. I thought the price was a fair one. Does excellent work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Job well done."

- Jean Watson Shipshewana, IN (Gift)

"I emailed a request for an individual caricature I wanted in less than a week's time. I sent Rob my pictures via email on Friday, and by Monday my approved caricature was in the mail! There was even an edit involved and yet it was still done in an extremely timely fashion. The end product looks great! The finished product is out-of-sight!!! I'm sure Paul will love it- everyone I've shown it to certainly does!"

- Mindy Davisson Mayfield Hghts, OH (Gift)

"The caricatures of Peggy and Lowell are great. I'm really pleased how they turned out. They will enjoy viewing them for years to come."

- Janet Wendel Snellville, GA (Gift)

"Well Rob really kept me informed throughout the whole process. He is a professional for sure. Well to be honest this is the first time I have dealt with a online caricature shop and from my stand point I was very comfortable with the whole process. Great job Rob."

- Bobby Meisberger Cincinnati, OH (Gift)

"Rob has done many, many jobs for me over the years. We are always pleased with the finished product. He never seems to mind that we always give him a list of details that we want added to the picture, i.e. have him building something, only drinks Coke, loves Hershey bars, always carries his cell phone, etc. I like that he takes the details we provide and will then add his own creativity to the picture. The only thing I think he should add is a "Family Discount" program."

- Gary Maystead Portage, MI (Birthday Gift)

"Provided entertainment for party of 50+ which included kids 12 and under. We felt this helped kids feel comfortable and have fun at a "grown up" party. And the grown ups had a great time too! Thought communication beforehand was great. Loved your website...easy to navigate ...great example work. Can't think of anything that could have made it better."

- Mike Mason Colleyville, TX (Birthday Party)

"Prompt arrival, great and friendly service. Rob, you're great, and I would certainly refer you and use your service again."

- Kathryn Thomas Duncanville, TX (Anniversary Party)

"Rob was very congenial and made the caricature experience a great one for everyone. I received extremely positive feedback from the party attendees. The collective comment made was that Rob was very funny and made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. His presence was a definite asset to our party!"

- Susie Harrington Fort Worth, TX (Company event)

"The best. Rob Maystead is a joy to work with. He really provides a quality caricature. I have purchased a caricature for both my business and my parents' anniversary. I plan to purchase two or three more within the year. I have and will recommend this site to my co-workers, friends and family."

- Patty Walter Fairbanks, AK (Gift caricatures)

"We had so much fun watching all the kids get their picture made. Their faces lit up when they saw the sketches."

- Stephanie Ortega Fort Worth, TX (Event)

"The Caricature Shop created an exceptional custom caricature that I gave as a holiday gift. The recipient was thrilled with the detail and likeness to the photo provided. I would definitely recommend Caricature Shop to anyone who is looking for a unique, personalized gift. Their service was outstanding and my order arrived even sooner than promised."

- Melissa Johnson Washington, DC (Gift caricature)

"We were totally blown away by the finished art and so excited about giving the caricature as a gift. The expression on the recipients face was priceless! Thank you for creating such a unique gift."

- Cynthia Nast Fort Worth, TX (Gift caricature)

"I feel that my experience with The Caricature Shop was a very enjoyable experience! The work was completed in a timely manner and Mr. Maystead did everything possible to make me feel important as a customer. I would definitely refer this site to someone who is interested in some form of caricature or possibly some other type of project that requires an excellent artist and professional service as well!"

- Thomas Lopez Fort Worth, TX (Logo design)


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